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A hand held frozen dessert that brought together two cultures in one beautiful and delicious morsel. What makes mochi ice cream so special is the relationship between the soft dough and the cold ice cream. The dough acts as an insulator so when the dough warms up slightly to the ideal eating temperature, the ice cream center is still cold and firm. This combination takes on another level of synergy when you bite into it. The decadent ice cream begins to melt while the chewiness of the dough draws out the experience which then finishes each bite with the subtle sweetness of rice.


Mochi is made from mochigome, a short grained glutinous rice common in the Far East. The rice grains are harvested, hulled, and ground into a fine powder called mochiko. This powder is then combined with water and sugar and steamed, creating mochi dough. It has a light, fluffy and chewy texture which slowly melts in your mouth and is used in a wide variety of japanese dishes.


Mochi has a rich history dating all the way back to the 10th century. Originating from Japan, it was first eaten by emperors and royalty. Historically, mochi is woven into the fabric of life in Japanese culture. In ancient Japan, mochi was seen as a sacred dish that symbolized prosperity in the coming New Year. The term “mochi” comes from the verb “motsu” meaning to hold or to have, signifying that mochi is food given by Heaven. Blocks of mochi were made as early as the 18th century. Families and communities would gather after a successful harvest for mochitsuki, a ceremony where they would pound the cooked rice with wooden mallets until it forms a smooth paste.


In the 1990’s mochi started becoming popular outside of Japan. They came in various flavors, like chocolate, strawberry, and matcha green tea. Typically, fresh strawberries, mangos or anko were used as the filling eventually expanding to include ice cream. Mochi ice cream was not an instant success. The recipe was difficult to execute since it involved taking cold ice cream and wrapping it in hot, sticky, gooey mochi. The temperature difference was a big obstacle, the ice cream would melt, and you’d end up with a mess on your hands. After years of research and development the first mochi ice cream was ready.

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