Why Mochi, Why Now?

Why Mochi, Why Now?

Avocados’ fame skyrocketed in the early 2010s when the avocado toast became the new “it” trend. We like to think of mochi as the avocado of the dessert world in the 2020s.

Mochi is a sticky rice dough that originally comes from Japan. It has been around for centuries but it wasn’t until the recent years that it made its way into the spotlight in the US. Now more than ever, we are seeing mochi pop-up in different desserts — waffles, donuts, froyo (as a topping), and of course, our favorite way, as mochi ice cream. 

We can attribute mochi’s rise in popularity to social media and the rising interest in healthy eating. Similar to how the avocado toast became the star of many people’s camera roll and Instagram feed 10 years ago, we see mochi desserts following the same path. Not only is mochi aesthetically pleasing, with the bright green matcha color or the beautiful purple of ube, but we find that it ignites curiosity and exploration of new foods among viewers. 

While at Mochidoki, our first focus is on providing premium and delicious mochi ice cream, we also pay attention to the health aspect of our dessert. Our bite-sized mochi not only helps with portion control, but is also only 80 calories each -- it’s the perfect guilt-free dessert! 

Mochi offers endless opportunities for creativity and adventure when it comes to flavors and textures, which makes it an easy dessert category for innovation. We love seeing our consumers exploring new, yet authentic experiences when it comes to food, and we can’t wait to continue serving new flavors!