The Most Important (& Fun!) Meal of the Day: Introducing Milk & Cereal

It’s September ... back-to-school season. And with the cooler weather comes a taste of nostalgia: the early morning alarm, books and backpacks and of course, your favorite bowl of cereal, drenched in milk. And for most of us, when the cereal is gone, that leftover milk is the best part of breakfast. 
That’s the inspiration behind our newest flavor -- Milk & Cereal -- and it will take you right back to those memorable mornings, with the same cravings, crunch and delight.

Where did Milk & Cereal come from? We were inspired by the milk and cereal trend that has been popping up at different ice cream parlors, frozen yogurt shops and bakeries (we even spotted this delicious latte version - yum!). This smooth and nostalgic flavor appeals to all the senses and proves that “milk and cereal” certainly isn’t just for breakfast.

image via Food52

What does it taste like? We’ve paired crunchy frosted corn flakes with lightly sweetened ice cream to elevate this popular breakfast experience. Think a little bit savory with rich, vanilla hints and a frosty, fresh finish. The little pieces of cereal throughout the mochi create a bite that’s truly irresistible. 

Whether you’re enjoying a taste of breakfast in bed, or looking for a poppable snack while binging your favorite Netflix show, Milk & Cereal is the perfect bite-sized treat. 
Milk & Cereal is available online starting today or if you’re in New York City, you can pop by the Soho shop to try it in person. This is a limited time flavor, so make sure to get this most important meal of the day while you still can. :)