Edible San Luis Obispo - 6 Luxe Mail Order Treats To Spoil Yourself With This Holiday Season

6 Luxe Mail Order Treats To Spoil Yourself With This Holiday Season

By Dakota Kim Posted: December 11 2020

So you’ve had that grocery store mochi ice cream — the one with the cheerful green tea balls on the front. Mochidoki isn’t even a distant cousin of that stuff. This gourmet ice cream encased in mochi is formulated by founder Ken Gordon and the Mochidoki team, which includes the brand’s Culinary Director Natsume Aoi. Natsume grew up making mochi dough in her grandmother’s kitchen in Japan, trained in classic French pastry with Jean-Georges Vongerichten, and was the Executive Pastry Chef at Morimoto before joining Mochidoki. So it’s no surprise that the flavors sound more like five-star restaurant desserts — like sweet and savory caramel mochi wrapped around salted caramel ice cream and infused with cracked caramel candy, a creamsicle-like mandarin orange mochi with vanilla ice cream, and smooth raspberry puree combined with white chocolate covered pearls. There’s also apple miso caramel, pumpkin and cookies, espresso, vanilla chip, ceremonial-grade matcha, roasted black sesame, coconut, ube, And for gluten-free and vegan folks, there are 10 gluten-free flavors and two vegan flavors. You can choose from Mochidoki’s 24-piece Signature Collection with classics like chocolate, mango, passion fruit, red bean, and Thai tea, or 24-piece boxes of your favorite flavor. This summer, the company started shipping throughout the state of California for the first time in dry ice-packed insulated coolers, so Mochidoki can be on your doorstep in just a few days.

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