Mochidoki SOHO

What do you get when you put mochi and ice cream together? Just the most hyped about dessert to ever hit the NYC market—Mochi Ice Cream! Sweet, pillowy, and perfectly bite-sized, Mochi Ice Cream is the ultimate fusion dessert, and there’s no better place to get it in NYC than at Mochidoki’s flagship brick and mortar on 176 Spring Street.

Invited NYC

Founded in 2015 by mochi enthusiasts Ken Gordon and Christopher Wong, Mochidoki is known for its whimsical yet refined take on Japanese desserts. Using only thoughtfully sourced, premium ingredients, the shop cranks out a multitude of imaginative flavors, including Black Honey Walnut with kuromitsu (Japanese molasses), Salted Caramel with cracked caramel candy, and the sweet yet savory Apple Miso Caramel. Already tried those? Mochidoki’s team of culinary advisors is always crafting winning combinations, including the new (and highly recommended) Pandan Pistachio. Tropical and floral, this flavor features buttery roasted pistachios and a hint of toasted vanilla for a bite of creamy bliss that makes the trek to Soho worth it all by itself (although I’m also a big fan of their strawberry and black sesame).

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