New York Times - Daniel Boulud's Holiday Chocolate Pate and Other Treasures


Daniel Boulud’s Holiday Chocolate Pâté and Other Treasures

By Florence Fabricant posted: December 7, 2015

Japanese sweetened rice flour paste is a confection called mochi. Wrap it around a small scoop of ice cream and the result, looking a little like a macaron, is mochi ice cream, a frozen treat popular in Asia, Hawaii and increasingly elsewhere in the United States. Green tea, sesame and red bean are traditional, but now mochi can be anything short of cookies and cream. Mochidoki, a new company with the pastry chef Michael Laiskonis as its consultant, offers a dozen flavors, including ginger, mochaccino chip, mandarin orange cream, lychee colada and the inevitable salted caramel, all for home delivery: $10 for four in addition to shipping

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