New York Times - Making Mochi, a Japanese Treat That's All About Texture

Making Mochi, a Japanese Treat That’s All About Texture

By Tejal Rao posted: June 27, 2016

Sometimes the pleasures of food aren’t packed in remarkable tastes, but in textures. And when it comes to mochi, the Japanese rice dough, much of its appeal can be attributed to a glorious bounce or a gelatinous squish or a comforting kind of gloop.

One of the most popular ways to eat mochi is in the sweet packages known as daifuku: The dough is stretched around a filling of red bean paste, or creams in flavors like green tea, chocolate or strawberries.

This dumpling-like sweet is one of many Japanese confections developed over hundreds of years that transform rice and beans into exquisite little mouthfuls, traditionally to accompany tea.

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