PureWow - Mochi Is Having a Moment: Here Are all the Best Treats to Try

Mochi Is Having a Moment: Here Are All the Best Treats to Try

By Patty Lee posted: September 26, 2019

For those who still prefer their mochi in frozen form, here’s some exciting news: Mochidoki, maker of artisanal mochi ice cream, will open its first brick-and-mortar storefront in Soho this fall. While Mochidoki’s menu includes some of the more traditional variations (matcha, mango, red bean), it’s the brand’s seasonal chef-driven specials that differentiate it from other mochi makers.

“From day one, I knew there could be endless possibilities to experiment and play with the flavor combinations of mochi ice cream,” says founder Ken Gordon. “It can be whimsical and fun—the perfect mess-free treat for children—as well as refined and sophisticated, even stylish.” For fall, that means a collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Michael Laiskonis on two new flavors: pumpkin and cookies, and black honey walnut.

The flavors may be trendy, but the ingredient list remains short. After all, as Gordon notes, “There’s beauty in the simplicity of mochi.”

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