After School Snacking Around The World

Do you ever really outgrow the after school snack? The answer at Mochidoki is a resounding “No”!

Here are some of our team’s favorite pick-me-up treats, inspired by our travels around the world discovering imaginative new mochi flavors:


Le goûte in France is just as you’d expect: simple and indulgent. Oh, and chocolate is almost always involved. 

Our pick: Tartine au chocolat -- fresh baguette and Nutella


In Japan there's a phrase "Sanji no oyatsu," which translates to "3 o'clock snack". It can be sweet or savory, and it's all about mindful eating, enjoying and tasting each bite.

Our pick: Green tea sponge cake with a side of green tea for sipping.


In Germany it’s traditional to give children a giant Schultüte ("school cone") filled with candy on their first day of 1st grade -- ok, not a snack for everyday, but surely a once-in-a-lifetime treat!

Our pick: Fill it up with Haribo gummies, Kinder Surprise eggs and Ritter Sport chocolate.


No afternoon in England is complete without tiny sandwiches, cakes and, of course, a “cuppa” (tea) … which is somehow different from “tea,” meaning an early supper. 

Our pick: Crumpets with clotted cream and jam.


More a state-of-mind than a snack, Fika ("a coffee and cake break") is not to be missed in Sweden. Taking time to share a bite and chat with friends is the most essential ingredient.

Our pick: Kanelbulle, cinnamon buns -- preferably straight from the oven!


Not exactly a snack on its own, aguas frescas or “fresh/cool waters,” in Mexico can be made from fruits, dried flowers and even grains -- perfectly refreshing, light and delicious.

Our pick: Horchata, frosty, creamy rice water, blended with cinnamon and a touch of sugar.

Ready for an afternoon break from school or work? Swing by the Mochidoki shop in SoHo (176 Spring Street) during "back-to-school" season to try one of our internationally inspired flavors for yourself.