Behind The Scenes: How to Make the World’s Smallest Dessert Burger

Our newest recipe is making waves on instagram! Here’s how you can make this cute dessert idea at home!

Bun: Salted Caramel Mochi

Sweet and robust salted caramel mochi ice cream is literally what holds this whole recipe together. Not only is it just the right color for this dessert optical illusion, but it’s sweet and salty flavor profile works perfectly with the rest of the ingredients.

Burger Patty: Chocolate Crumble Cookie

The burger patty might look like real beef, but it’s actually a homemade chocolate crumble cookie. The trick we used to make it look so realistic was to add almond crumbles. For those who want to skip this step, we recommend Trader Joe’s pre-made version.

Cheese and Lettuce: Mint and Mango

For an extra layer of fun, we added a mint leaf and a slice of mango to simulate lettuce and a slice of cheese. This is the step where the sky's the limit. Try adding strawberry sauce for ketchup, or even real cherry tomatoes!

Mochidoki Mochi Ice Cream Dessert Burger Mint Leaf Mango Slice