Boo! 4 Spooky Halloween Treats to Inspire You

Happy Halloween from Mochidoki!

Mochidoki Halloween Special Mochi Ice Cream

Fall has arrived and Mochidoki is here with some sweet Halloween treats that are easy to make and sure to be a fun, flavorful addition to your holiday festivities.
Here are 4 of our favorite Halloween-inspired mochi desserts:
Googly Mochi Eyes: 
Mochidoki Mochi Eyes
What better way to celebrate the holiday than with some mochi eyes? Start with our vanilla chip or coconut mochi, add your favorite colored candy eyes and drizzle some red gel icing on top to make them pop. Try adding candy sticks to turn your candy eyes into mochi eye pops.
Festive Mochi Pumpkins:
Pumpkin Mochi Halloween
A mochi-twist to a fall staple, here’s a quick and easy way to turn your pumpkin and cookies mochi into festive pumpkins. A pretzel stick quickly becomes a stem; with a drizzle of green frosting for leaves, you’re good to go. Pumpkin and cookies mochi combines delicious pumpkin spice ice cream with chocolate and vanilla creme cookies -- it’s a sweet blend that captures that iconic fall flavor we all love.
Ghastly Mochi Monsters:
Mochidoki mochi monsters
Ready for a mochi monster mash? To make these tasty treats, use our matcha flavored mochi and add some candy eyes.  Next, make your mochi monsters truly gruesome by adding purple frosting. Get creative and turn these treats into a delicious, freaky treat!
Chilling Mochi Mummies:
Mochidoki mochi ice cream mummy

Our mummified mochi make for the perfect sweet compliment to your holiday party desserts. For these Halloween treats, you’ll need vanilla chip or coconut mochi. Use candy eyes or you can cut some Reese’s Pieces or M&M’s in half to make the eyes. Then, drizzle on some vanilla frosting and create that creepy mummy look. 

Stay tuned for more dessert ideas and new fall flavors from Mochidoki!