Brighten Up Your Winter Blues: Host a Mochi Party!

It’s that time of year … the temperature drops, and we find ourselves cooped up indoors. Instead of turning to Netflix and take-out, why not break up the monotony and brighten up your winter blues? Here’s how to host your own mochi party.

It’s simple and easy. All you need is mochi, some creative decor and your favorite drinks to pair with mochi. You can even go the extra mile and set your table with a minimalist, but beautiful flower arrangement.

Plate Creatively: Plate and present mochi by flavor themes, colors, or even create fun patterns and shapes.  

Dress Up with Garnishes. Try cutting the mochi and adding delicate garnishes such as fruit, chocolate shavings, herbs and more for an extra finishing touch. Plus, by cutting the mochi in half, you give your guests opportunities for more bites. We love pairing basil with strawberry mochi, cacao nibs with vanilla chip mochi, candied oranges with chocolate mochi, and more!

Organize by Color. 

Take advantage of the variety of beautiful colors … color coordinate your plated mochi … the colors are beautiful and mochi is truly all you need for a bright, spring-like presentation.

Pick a Theme.

Perhaps you want to serve rich and decadent mochi. Or maybe you want to serve fruity and refreshing flavors. You could even serve an assortment of flavors if your guests like lots of  options. Determine ahead of time which vibe you’re going for and play into the theme. :)

Pair with Your Favorite Beverages.

Whether it’s coffee, teas or alcoholic beverages, there are so many delicious pairings. Some of our favorites include caramel mochi with apple cider; caramel mochi with stout; chocolate mochi with port, and vanilla chip mochi with cold brew.

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