Discovering Pandan— The “Vanilla of Southeast Asia”

If you haven’t tried the “vanilla of Southeast Asia,” here’s your chance. Commonly known as Pandan, Pandanus amaryllifolius is a vibrant green plant with long, slender leaves native to the Indochinese Peninsula. Whether it's in the form of a paste, a powder or an extract, the plant is famous for its saccharine aroma and taste. It’s long been a staple flavor in Southeast Asia, lending its striking hue and unmistakable sweetness to a variety of dishes, from pandan cakes to jellies to cocktails.

Besides being used for cooking, pandan has traditionally been valued for its various health benefits as well, such as pain relief and skin care.

Despite its popularity in many regions, pandan continues to be a rare sight in western cuisine, which is why we are so excited to feature this beautiful, unique ingredient in our newest seasonal flavor-- Pandan Pistachio.

In our Pandan Pistachio mochi, the floral sweetness of pandan leaf is paired with roasted pistachios — adding a buttery crunch to the delicate blend of coconut, vanilla and rose notes of this tropical ingredient.

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