Everything You Need to Know About Everything Bagels

We’re so excited and proud to announce that we’ve officially opened our second retail shop, Mochidoki UES! Located at 1035 3rd Avenue, we’re right in the heart of the vibrant Upper East Side neighborhood.
And what better way to celebrate our new NYC shop than with an ode to the city we love so much. To go along with this huge news we’ve decided to offer an exclusive flavor, only available at the shop-- The Everything Bagel Mochi. 
Bagels have been around almost as long as New York itself. Brought over by Jewish immigrants in the early 1800s, bagels started as a quick, inexpensive treat, but weren’t well known to non-Jews. Over time, bagels gained widespread popularity and evolved into what we know today. Now, bagels are an icon, an integral part of millions of New Yorker’s mornings, and the origin of countless debates over where to find the best. 
The origin of “everything” flavor bagels is less clear-- many claim the title of everything bagel progenitor. One often told, and often disputed, story is that a teenage baker’s assistant in Queens, rather than throwing away all of the leftover seasoning on the bottom of the oven, threw them on top of his bagels the next morning-- creating an instant hit. At present, everything seasoning has found its way to nearly every treat imaginable, from roti, to hot dogs and nowmochi ice cream. The combination we are all familiar with haspoppy seeds, toasted sesame seeds, dried garlic, dried onion, and salt. But there's no reason why you can’t add your own twist to it. Everything seasoning is now sold in nearly every grocery store, so you can experiment for yourself-- it’s great on pizza too! 
Our everything bagel mochi is an homage to the quintessential everything bagel sandwich. We’ve incorporated everything seasoning into the mochi dough itself, then wrapped that around cream cheese ice cream. This perfect combination of rich salty notes from the seasoning and the unmistakable tang of cream cheese is rounded off with subtle sweetness from the ice cream and mochi.So come down to 1035 3rd Avenue today and try our Everything Bagel mochi ice cream  for yourself! It’s unexpectedly delicious and unique, just like a true new yorker.