News from Mochidoki Soho: Kakigori is here!

Meet our newest mochi ice cream creation - Kakigori, developed by our Culinary Director Natsume Aoi, formerly the executive pastry chef at Morimoto.  Classically trained in French pastry and inspired by her love for Japanese flavors and traditions imparted from her grandmother, Chef Natsume brings a unique perspective to the NYC dessert scene by creating a playful intersection of Japanese and Western cuisines.

Traditional Kakigori

The most recent addition to our menu of mochi ice cream creations draws upon a traditional Japanese treat called kakigori. Essentially, kakigori is shaved ice served with a flavored syrup, but what truly sets it apart is the delicate texture that's as light and airy as fresh, fallen snow. The most classic version of this dessert is served with anko, which is a sweetened red bean paste, then topped with either evaporated or condensed milk.   

At Mochidoki, our version of kakigori uses red bean mochi ice cream as the base as a nod to the classic flavor profile of red bean and cream. It's topped with tempered white chocolate for sweetness and crunch and finished with a flurry of spring-colored chocolate curls and pandan lychee jelly, adding even more color and complexity to this adventurous dessert.    

The kakigori creation is now available at our Soho location at 176 Spring Street as part of our rotating summer menu. Stop by to see what other interesting riffs on classic desserts we've re-imagined with mochi ice cream. 

See you soon!