Mochi in the News: Holiday Round-Up


Mochi is the sweetest Holiday gift there is! But don't just take our word for it, here's what people are saying about mochi this season:


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NY POST- "103 affordable Christmas gifts for everyone on your list for under $100"

By Victoria Giardina

Got mochi? This signature 24-pack of Mochidoki’s bestselling flavors (with two of each) is the perfect sweet treat to gift this year, especially for the foodie in your life. Specifically, its matcha flavor is to die for!

Mochidoki Holiday Box

SHAPE MAGAZINE- The Best Self-Care Gifts to Spoil Yourself with This Year

By the editors of Shape

Consider this self-care gift the upscale version of ice cream truck glee: Send a friend a mochi ice cream sampler from Mochidoki in New York. The myriad inventive twists on this Japanese treat — a sweet rice dough encapsulating a bite-size scoop of ice cream —include milk and cereal, black sesame, and vegan matcha coconut.

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Reader’s Digest - 75 Gifts for Teens That Are Actually Cool

By Alice Garbarini Hurley


Mochidoki Holiday Gift Box

Best for: authentic Japanese flavor

Show the teen in your life how mochi you love them with this adorable Japanese-style sampler of authentic mochi ice creams. It ships directly to their door (or yours) and features 14 signature flavors and a mochi ice cream serving board with 24 total pieces.

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FORBES - Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The Best Gifts For Asian-Food Lovers

By Chelsea Davis

Mochidoki | Holiday Gift Box

The Mochidoki Holiday gift box is guaranteed to wow anyone obsessed with the sweet, chewy Japanese treat of mochi. For those who don’t know, mochi is a pounded rice cake that can be filled with a number of things, including sweet bean paste or in this case, ice cream. This show-stopping box features 14 signature flavors that include Matcha, Red Bean, Vanilla Chip, Chocolate, Vegan Passion Fruit, Vegan Lychee, Black Sesame, Salted Caramel, Ube, Strawberry, Espresso, and Vegan Coconut, as well as a selection of seasonal specials that includes 4-piece boxes of Seoul cookie and hojicha. It also comes with a mochi ice cream serving board.


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Mochidoki Holiday Gift Box

I like to bring tiny desserts whenever my family gathers for a celebration (think bite-sized cupcakes and shot-glass parfaits). Because after a huge meal, a big dessert can feel overwhelming. This holiday gift set from Mochidoki is the perfect post-dinner treat because there's something here for everyone's taste — and even if they've had mochi plenty of times before, they've never had anything as special as this. The flavor of each one is so delicate and nuanced, ranging from scoop-shop favorites like salted caramel and vanilla chip to Asian cuisine-inspired flavors like ube, hojicha tea, and red bean. This box of 14 different flavors is the quintessential crowd-pleaser!