Think Outside the Box: Celebrate with Mochidoki!

Birthday gifts are all about sharing a moment of joy and fun, making  that special person in your life feel extra special. 

birthday gift mochi

Does someone on your list have a birthday coming up? Skip the flowers and gift cards, and say Happy Birthday with a sweet, memorable gift (that just happens to go great with cake): mochi ice cream. 

Mochidoki offers quick & easy birthday gifting, guaranteed to make every birthday... happy. :) 

  1. Choose your flavors
  2. Add a personal note
  3. Click send!

Below are some gifting ideas, we think you — and your loved ones — will enjoy. 

For the Health Nut: At under 80 calories per piece, our mochi ice cream is the perfect guilt-free treat for a birthday splurge …added benefit: they’re also gluten-free, with dairy-free options! Our Vegan Collection Box features 6 new vegan flavors in one assortment (4 of each flavor): Vegan Lychee, Vegan Passion Fruit, Vegan Mango, Vegan Matcha Coconut, Vegan Chocolate Hazelnut, and Vegan Coconut).

For the Classic Cake Lover: Classic flavors of vanilla and sugar mixed to perfection, Cake Batter mochi is a refreshing and fun spin on traditional cake! It happens to be gluten free, so gluten free recipients can have their cake, and eat it too!

For the Jet-setting, Adventurous Foodie: Hand pick a few 4-piece boxes of your loved ones’ favorite flavors. We recommend including our newest, limited time flavor: sweet & nutty Pandan Pistacho.

For the Discerning Choco-holic: Gifting 4-pieces boxes of Chocolate, Cherry Chocolate and Vanilla Chip is a decadent and unexpected surprise for the friend who loves chocolate. (For a twist, add a box of Salted Caramel - the perfect complement to all that chocolateness).

For the Tropical Getaway Dreamer: Looking to gift a refreshing treat that evokes memories of that perfect beach getaway? Send a few boxes of some of our refreshing tropical, fruity flavors such as: Vegan Lychee, Vegan Mango, Vegan Coconut, Vegan Passion Fruit and Strawberry. Not only are these flavors tasty, but they make for an eye-catching, vibrant gift. 

For Everyone who Deserves Something Special: The perfect, indulgent choice (especially for first-time customers), our Signature Collection Box  features 12 of our best-selling flavors (2 of each flavor). Send bright, colorful & absolutely delicious mochi beautifully packaged for a picture perfect presentation -- a truly unforgettable birthday gift.

We’d love to see how you celebrate with Mochidoki. Feel free to share a photo on Facebook and instagram celebrating birthdays and more with Mochidoki.