Vegan Ice Cream Health Benefits

Vegan ice cream has come a long way in recent years, with a growing number of delicious and satisfying options available on the market. Whether you're a strict vegan, lactose intolerant, or simply looking to incorporate more plant-based foods into your diet, today’s dairy free ice cream tastes just as good as the real deal, with added health benefits to boot.


Mochidoki Vegan Passionfruit Mochi Ice Cream


One key ingredient in most vegan ice cream is coconut milk, which provides a creamy texture and rich flavor. Many brands also use other plant-based milks, such as almond, cashew, or soy milk. At Mochidoki, we believe the best frozen filling base is made up of coconut milk AND oat milk.

There are a few reasons an oat and coconut milk base makes the best vegan ice cream but the most important may be fat. Yep, it's healthy fat that makes our vegan ice cream so indulgent. Because we use both these dairy substitutes, the texture and flavor of our mochi stands out. In general these higher fat milks tend to produce a creamier, richer ice cream, while those with a lower fat content, like almond milk, produce something that’s icy and bland. Mochidoki Vegan Mango Mochi Ice Cream

Like the best vegan ice creams, we make ours without the use of artificial ingredients, preservatives, or additives, so you can enjoy a delicious treat without worrying about consuming chemicals or other potentially harmful substances. Whether it’s the mango puree in our vegan mango frozen filling base or the top grade matcha powder in our vegan matcha mochi, like our dairy ice cream, our vegan mochi ice cream features high quality ingredients that you can feel good about. 

Mochidoki Vegan Mochi Ice Cream

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