As a courtesy to our Bambu franchisees, we will automatically enroll you in our Freezer Rebate Program. 

The Program allows you to purchase a dedicated mochi freezer at a discounted rate and get up to $700 of free mochi.

Dedicated mochi freezers are the best way to store and sell mochi. In addition to keeping your mochi at the perfect temperature, a freezer will help you sell more mochi, with signage on the freezers to attract customers and drive orders. 

Display:  The key to selling mochi is keeping your presentation clean and organized. Bins with lids [see these examples] create a beautiful display that draws in customers, while preserving your mochi at just the right temperature. 

Keep your mochi separate:  It’s important to keep only mochi in your mochi freezer since frequent opening of the freezer to access other products can negatively impact the quality of the mochi.  Displaying mochi alongside other frozen desserts could also confuse your customers and negatively impact sales.



For our Bambu partners, Mochidoki offers special marketing materials including posters and menus to help you increase sales. Please contact your Mochidoki representative to learn more.