A Letter from our Founder: Why Small Business Matters

The thing I love most about small businesses is how, through ups and downs, and even the entirely unexpected, we hold onto that “I think I can” mindset that inspired us to open our doors in the first place. 

It’s a combination of street smarts and big heart … with some pretty hefty resiliency on the side. 

When I started Mochidoki over 5 years ago (here’s more about my story), I wanted to build the kind of business that would feel personal and special no matter how big we grew. 

Shoppers today are presented with so many options for buying, from more traditional department stores to online giants like Amazon and sophisticated brands like Apple. But then, along comes a specialty “mom and pop” shop, or a disruptive brand like Harry’s Razors that makes us think differently about how we buy. 

From creating jobs to driving innovation, small businesses and the many ways we contribute to the economy, matter now more than ever. 

And as a small (but mighty!) business ourselves, we wanted to give a shout out to some of the others that inspire our team:

Woodblock Chocolate

Woodblock Chocolate

Hand-crafted, “heartfelt” chocolate made in Portland, Oregon, with thoughtfully sourced and delicious ingredients.
Available online - ships nationally.

Project Repat  

Project Repat

Nostalgic and memory-filled custom quilts made from your favorite  t-shirts (a great graduation gift).
Available online - ships nationally

Il Laboratorio del Gelato

Il Laboratorio Del Gelato

Sophisticated gelato company on Manhattan's Lower East Side, with adventurous and decadent flavors.
Available locally for pickup and delivery

Unagi Scooters

Unagi Scooter

Portable electric scooters give you the power to roam freely, exploring the world with the wind in your hair. 
Available online - ships nationally with a risk-free 30-day trial 


Joyride Coffee

The leading provider of speciality drinks for offices is now delivering, so you can enjoy your favorite coffee, tea, kombucha and more in the comfort of your home.
Available online - ships nationally.

Dr. Squatch Soap Company

Dr Squatch Soap

All natural soap “for dudes,” made in the USA of the finest, most nourishing ingredients.
Available online - ships nationally

Flour Craft Bakery & Cafe

Flour Craft Bakery

San Francisco based bakery offering delicious, gluten-free cookies, breads, granola and more. 
Available online - ships nationally; with local pick up options too

Misha & Puff 

Misha Puff Sweater

Heirloom quality clothing for babies and children, lovingly hand knit in Peru, inspired by traditional craft and cold Maine winters.
Available online - ships nationally

Whether you’re shopping online, buying gift cards, enjoying takeout or just sharing some social media love, we thank you for supporting the small businesses you care most about.