All Eyes on Mochi: Waffles + Mochi Debuts March 16th!

Get your mochi ready and settle into the couch for a real Netflix and "chill" treat! Hitting our screens March 16th, Waffles & Mochi is a family-friendly show, hosted by the inimitable Michelle Obama, that explores cultures from around the world through the lens of food. As its namesake would suggest, the show prominently features the history and delicious goodness of mochi … along with two adorable co-hosts and puppet sidekicks called “Waffles” and “Mochi”! 

You can watch the trailer here

About a year ago, we had the wonderful opportunity to host the folks from Netflix and to give them a behind-the-scenes peek at how our mochi ice cream is made. It was an honor being able to share our experiences and to help provide inspiration for this show. 

Mochi is a traditional Japanese food, with a long cultural history (you can read more about its origins here). In recent years, mochi, and mochi ice cream have been growing in popularity, and we’re excited to see a wider audience falling in love with it. Now, with the former first lady paying homage to the traditional roots of this special dessert and sharing the meaning behind mochi, we think it’s about to really take off 

At Mochidoki, we’ve always believed that food is the perfect way to bring people from different backgrounds together. It’s important to understand and appreciate the culture, meaning and roots behind any cuisine. And what better way to do that, than by watching Waffles + Mochi? Especially, during a time when we cannot travel and are socially distancing! 

“Imagination in Every Bite” is very much a part of Mochidoki’s DNA, and we look forward to watching Mrs. Obama along with Waffles and Mochi, share this message with the younger generation, encouraging children to explore new foods and embrace exciting flavors from around the world. 

Want to learn more about Waffles + Mochi? You can read all about their upcoming adventures (and tune in to watch!) here on Netflix.