May the Mochi Be With You: Our Favorite Star Wars Characters Reimagined

“May the 4th” is a time to celebrate all things Star Wars. Just like mochi ice cream, the iconic franchise has found fans across generations and is truly for everyone. We're celebrating the original trilogy by answering a very important question: What mochi ice cream flavors would our favorite Star Wars characters be?
Matcha- Yoda
Matcha, one of our classics, is quintessential Master Yoda. The shade-grown young tea trees are the perfect analogy for Yoda hiding in the swamps of Dagobah, waiting for destiny to bring Luke Skywalker his way for training.  
Chocolate- Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker
Dark, rebellious, mysterious: Darth Vader is chocolate mochi ice cream. A sweetness lies at both their cores as well. While Darth Vader redeems himself in his final moments by saving Luke, chocolate mochi ice cream is decadently sweet. 
Vanilla Chip- Luke Skywalker
Both are true main characters. The chocolate chips can even symbolize the darkness that finds its way into Luke’s character arc in the later movies.  
There’s no better fit for Chewbacca than Purple Sweet Potato. Neither gets as much attention as Luke or Vanilla Chip, but both remain fan favorites.
Espresso- Han Solo
There might not be a better visual analogy for Han solo than Espresso Mochi Ice Cream. The outside of the Espresso mochi is darker than the light-roast hue of the ice cream within. Just like how Han Solo’s tough exterior is a façade, he can always be counted on to help his friends.