A Letter from our Founder: A Big Announcement!


People often say that starting a business is like having a baby … well, it looks like I’m about to find out for myself how true that saying really is.

Later this month, my wife and I are expecting our first child. Friends have prepared us for the indescribable joy, unfathomable love and absolute fulfillment ahead for us. Just as they’ve regaled us with tales of sleepless nights, uncertainty and all the other worries that come along with parenthood. 

As a seasoned entrepreneur, I can say with complete assurance, I’ve experienced all these emotions and then some from the day I launched Mochidoki.

So while there’s a lot I confess I know nothing about (and fully expect to be humbled by) as we start this next chapter in our lives, here are some lessons from my time as an entrepreneur I hope will serve me well in my new role as a parent:

Fall in love! Allow your passion to energize you every day. Starting a new chapter can be overwhelming and there will undoubtedly be ups, downs and every kind of challenge imaginable. But if you can continue to find joy in doing what you love (and being with the ones you love!), you’ll always see a way through. 

Find your community. Nobody makes it alone in the busines world -- and I know for sure the same is true for parents. Our customers, our partners, our team and even our fellow small business owners are our greatest source of strength at Mochidoki. 

Get excited about problem solving. Whether you're starting a business or raising a small human, there are bound to be unexpected issues. Instead of seeing hurdles, roll up your sleeves and deal with challenges head on.

Don’t be afraid to want the best. As a premium mochi ice cream company, we're all about quality, whether we’re choosing ingredients or dreaming up new creations for our shop. Our customers deserve the best from us -- always. And I already feel the same way as I begin making choices for our growing family.

Make room for dreams. From day one at Mochidoki, we’ve planned for success, creating a whole new kind of dessert experience that our customers can’t live without. But it’s the times we’ve left ourselves open to whimsy, fun and creativity that have led to a kind of happiness and growth we could never have dreamed of. And this is the part of parenthood I’m most looking forward to!

A few months ago, the Mochidoki team gathered together in our flagship mochi ice cream shop to celebrate our Opening Day. We each felt our share of pride and joy as we unveiled our “brainchild” for all the world to see. Then, just before wrapping up for the night, I surprised everyone by announcing that we were expecting a baby girl ... and of course, we toasted with all the colors of the mochi rainbow!

I couldn't be more excited to share this news with all of you, our extended family, and I look forward to watching our circle of mochi lovers continue to grow alongside my newest family member in the coming years!

UPDATE: Ken and his wife welcomed Adeline Hope on August 28th -- congratulations to all!